Cables and Hasps

These should be replaced when they start to wear. Should the plastic coating become brittle and crack, the individual wires that make up the cable can start to become exposed and there may be health & safety consequences for operators. Should you have a special requirement for cables, hasps or TIR Cords, Unisto can manufacture these items to your specification very cost effectively, whether for our own C2K, Manta or Crypta Data units, for other brands of reusable seals that are on the market or for a special unconnected cable requirement. Please ask us for a quote to your specification.

Unisto Reusable Electronic Security Seal Cables and Hasps
Cables and Hasps
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Unisto Reusable Electronic Security Seal Special Cables and Hasps
Special Cables
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C2K Reusable Electronic Security Seal
C2K Reusable Electronic Seal with Mudflap


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