Unisto Electronic Security Seal Mudflaps
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Product Specification

Product Code: C2K 1023824
Manta 1023868
Crypta Data 1024103
Width: Specific to each seal
Height: Specific to each seal
Length: Specific to each seal
Opening Mechanism: Hand
Closing Mechanism: Hand
Used With: C2K
How Applied: Hand, with clip fastening



Protecting the C2K and Manta security seals from the grit & grime thrown-up from the road and the worst of the weather is important for the long life of the equipment.

Mudflaps can become torn and damaged after years of use and need to be replaced during routine maintenance.



  • Mudflap to cover electronic security seals


  • Grey with Unisto logo

Sealing Applications

  • C2K Manta Crypta Data

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