Closing the Loop

Tuesday 27 November 2012 11:04 AM
Specialists in electronic security sealing solutions for the supply chain Unisto Encrypta Products have upgraded their GateTrak™ gatehouse automation and yard management software, with the introduction of their new Gatesuite™ family of software. With its modular approach, the Gatesuite™ system can be expanded to suit different customer requirements.

Used in conjunction with the Crypta® Data Tag RFID electronic seal, the new software leverages the networking capability of Microsoft’s Microsoft.NET Framework to link desktop PCs, PDAs and other handheld devices. The move to .NET will allow network system components to communicate using industry standard TCP/IP protocol.

Realtime data communication has been combined with Crypta® RF technology to create a fully integrated solution that remotely verifies vehicles and loads, eliminating the need for driver or guard intervention. The result is a ‘closed loop’ that promises faster throughput with reduced risk of theft through collusion.

Extended capabilities with the GateSuite™ system™ now also include remote 24 hour monitoring of loading bays and loaded trailers parked in the yard pending departure or unloading. Potential security breaches are detected as they occur and flagged via the network and where necessary through the Internet, making them instantly visible to all relevant personnel while storing events online for later review.

Unisto Encrypta Products were the first company to apply electronics to create a cost-effective reusable sealing solution universally suited to trailers, tankers or vans operating across a diverse range of distribution network types and climates. The company has since continued to develop its products to meet evolving customer needs and to exploit emerging technologies.

Unisto’s patented Crypta® electronic sealing technology generates a unique seal number on load closure that cannot be duplicated. The latest generation Crypta® Data Tag RFID solution uses Radio Frequency technology combined with the GateSuite™ system software to continue to monitor the rear door throughout the distribution process via a series of readers.

Within the yard or loading bay, if tampering occurs, a signal is automatically sent to the nearest reader, which raises an alarm and immediately broadcasts the event through the GateSuite™ system, allowing on the spot action to be taken and the incident to be logged. On departure from the distribution centre or arrival at destination depots, the system - which has a read range of up to 100 meters in free air - automatically interrogates the vehicle, remotely verifying the trailer seal number, tractor & driver combination through a single reader, requiring no action by the driver or gatehouse personnel. Checking on approach to the barrier means vehicles can be either ‘green laned’ for immediate departure or routed elsewhere for inspection with no stopping.

By making it possible to control the load via the network from the depot of origin, the GateSuite™ system deployed in conjunction with the Crypta® Data Tag effectively ‘closes the distribution loop’, reducing risk and avoiding unnecessary delays. Early trials of the new integrated system have proven in multiple site use to improve ‘on time’deliveries and reduce congestion in and around national distribution centres, with the potential to significantly reduce guarding costs through automation.


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