Crypta Traceability

Tuesday 27 November 2012 11:04 AM

British Invention Meets Traceability Requirements for Finnish Trucks

One of Finland’s major hauliers specialising in the bulk transport of human and animal feed products is fitting a British security invention, the Unisto Crypta Data, to its vehicles because it says the invention is the easiest and most effective way to comply with EU traceability Regulations.

When the Regulations first came into force E Monten Ltd began using numbered plastic ‘cable tie’ type seals. But, with so many hatches and openings to protect on bulk vehicles, this proved time consuming and could not always be guaranteed secure. “We found that some types of plastic seal could be replaced and with others it is possible for them to be opened and then refitted,” explains the company’s chairman Kaj-Erik Monten. A further consideration was that in the extreme cold of Finnish winters, plastic seals could become brittle and just break apart.

The company then came across the Crypta electronic seal system, invented by Mark Hayward, managing director of Unisto’s Encrypta Products division based in Newport, South Wales. Mr Hayward had invented the system to provide a security check for distributors in the retail sector.

Sensors are fitted to all access points on the vehicle and connected to a single unit. If any access point is opened it is automatically recorded. For tankers and bulk transporters this feature eliminates the need to check up to 20 different points on each vehicle, saving time, reducing the risk of error and, especially in bad weather, improving working conditions.

The random number generated by the electronic seal each time a load is secured is entered on paperwork and verified on arrival at the destination – proving the load is untouched. However, as the unit has a built in time and date record, it also provides an audit trail that allows users in the food and agriculture sectors to comply with EU Regulations.

“We tested the Crypta Data seals last year to see if they could stand up to our winter conditions. They worked faultlessly, so we are now educating our customers to accept the system,” says Mr Monten. Unisto’s Encrypta Products electronic seals have also been adopted by UK bulk carriers British Sugar, Tate & Lyle and Cargill.


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